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Mark 6:45 – 52(NASB)

45. Immediately Jesus made His disciples get into the boat and go ahead of Him to the other side to Bethsaida, while He Himself was sending the crowd away.

46. After bidding them farewell, He left for the mountain to pray.

47. When it was evening, the boat was in the middle of the sea, and He was alone on the land.

48. Seeing them straining at the oars, for the wind was against them, at about the fourth watch of the night He came to them, walking on the sea; and He intended to pass by them.

49. But when they saw Him walking on the sea, they supposed that it was a ghost, and cried out;

50. For they all saw Him and were terrified. But immediately He spoke with them and said to them, “Take courage; it is I, do not be afraid.”

51. Then He got into the boat with them, and the wind stopped; and they were utterly astonished,

52. For they had not gained any insight from the incident of the loaves, but their heart was hardened.

For the follower of Jesus, it must be understood that this is what living with Jesus is like. This story is a good picture of what the Christian life is like. You get into trouble; you struggle; you cry for help; and Jesus comes to your rescue. Then pretty soon it happens again. It’s a constant pattern of trial and deliverance, trial and deliverance.
Trials and difficulties are perfectly normal in the Christian life. These disciples are in difficulty not because they've done anything wrong: they have done exactly what Jesus has told them to do. They’re not in trouble because they've gone wrong; they’re in trouble because that’s what happens. The path of obeying Christ lies through trials and difficulties.
Remember, Jesus said to His disciples later: “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”(John 16:33) That truth is one of the simplest but most important lessons a Christian has to learn. We should never expect the Christian life to be smooth sailing all the time. In fact, very often it’s more like rowing into a strong headwind. It’s through these struggles that our faith and character is developed. This is how we learn to trust in the Lord for everything – you don’t learn that when everything is going smoothly, you learn it when the going gets tough.
Take heart beloved; notice v.51 and understand that when Jesus comes into your boat, He brings peace with Him, so that once He arrives, it is impossible for the wind to keep blowing. When Jesus arrives, calm descends; and all is peace. Jesus is the God-man, God who was there before and through Creation, but also the man who brings peace to His people in the midst of our storms.
God bless you!

Dr. J. M. Wooten

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