Posted on 08 Oct 2015 11:45

October 8,2015

Philippians 4:15-20

Paul took the Gospel to the lost and hurting in the world of his day by faith, trusting that God would provide for the day to day needs of his ministry. He looked to those that he ministered to, to support his efforts to take Christ to those who were living without His love in their life. They made it possible for Paul to do what God had called him to do! He reminded them that in their giving, they were not giving to him, but they were giving to God. Their obedience and faithfulness is what God would credit to their Heavenly account.

It is your obedience and faithfulness that God will credit to your Heavenly account also.
You who are God’s People, make it possible for the pastors to do what God has called them to do!

I pray today that God move hearts in a powerful way and deliver far more money than you’ve asked for.

And I pray that God would help us to be a good steward of the funds He has given us as he continue to give us favor in our finances, and wisdom in our decisions to give. Amen!

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