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Monday June 1, 2015


2 Timothy 4:7

7. “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

We all face disappointments or failure sooner or later in our lives. And when we know that we’ve done our best and still fail, the disappointment makes us ask, “Why didn’t I? “ or “Why didn’t God?”

Sometimes the Lord allows disappointments in order to build our faith. The Apostle Paul is an example. Paul worked harder than most, but all his hard work landed him in prison. However, Paul’s disappointment strengthened his faith and drew him nearer to the Lord. At the end of his life Paul was able to declare, “I have kept the faith.”

Beloved, I believe that when disappointment comes, God uses it to develop faith in you. God wants you to bring your worries, concerns, failures, disappointments and even your anger to Him. He is not surprised by what is happening in your life and He will use your circumstances to build you up and strengthen you.

So when disappointment strikes, keep the faith. Remember — Jesus loves you and He is working it out for you!

God bless you is my prayer!!!

Dr. J. M. Wooten

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